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About us

The foundation of Tirola is a collective of young, enthusiastic and ambitious people, jointly seeking their goals and upholding their values. Our employees have excellent working conditions and frequent training opportunities, and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. We take pride in having one of the highest average salaries in the entire logistics sector of Lithuania.
We like to have fun and passionately celebrate Christmas, company birthdays, and various traditional holidays we have created over the years. The football and basketball teams of Tirola compete in various leagues of Vilnius, which gives our employees an opportunity to put their skills to the test against the teams of other companies.

Our values

We are, and would like to remain, a unified team, which leads us to abide by the following values in working, cooperating, and selecting new employees:

  • ambitious results;
  • cooperation;
  • responsibility.

These values help us remain hungry and keep moving forwards.