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What is Tirola?

Founded in 2011, Tirola has become one of the industry leaders in Lithuania and the remaining Baltic States in a matter of only a few years. In terms of sales revenue, Tirola is one of the TOP-500 companies in the country, and one of the TOP-50 Lithuanian logistics and transportation companies. The reason behind such rapid growth is high quality customer service which meets the highest standards, designed to processes orders in a timely, impeccable manner. We strive to be responsible, which leads us to insure our activities with the forwarding agent liability insurance, assess every shipment individually, and, if necessary, employ additional insurance.

Why choose us?

– We strictly monitor the terms of freight shipment and the implementation of shipment service quality;
– We have a large, highly motivated and expertly trained team, as well as many years of experience in the field of freight shipment;
– Cooperation with hundreds of transportation companies allows us to provide our clients with transport vehicles on almost any route in Europe;
– We can offer a wide variety of freight shipment arrangements to perfectly match the needs of our clients;
– Our company is insured with the forwarding agent liability insurance, which means that your freight will be in safe hands.